Hi, I'm Dei. I blog at nonparibus.com
, but here's a little bit more about me...

I'm Dei Vilkinsons, a London-based techie. I'm interested in complex systems, and how markets, evolution, and diversity can both stabilize and optimize them.

I'm also interested in market failures, and how types of it can be solved in practice, through technology and innovation. I’m the CEO of HASH, an open-source platform that enables various types of modeling and simulation. Using the platform, huge organisations and individuals alike can forecast and optimize amidst complexity: simulating physical environments, economies, networks, and domain-specific phenomena with ease.

I also Chair London-based consultancy, Soho Strategy, which I founded in 2008. Through its work, SOHO has developed a reputation for specialising in particular types of targeted influence work, and now serves clients including the United Nations Security Council, UK government's Behavioural Insights Team, and hundred-billion dollar a year organisations like the NHS. We develop automation systems, software, and apps; advise on strategy and campaigns; and develop our own products and tools in-house.

Previously I built a multi-million PV a month blog network; studied Political Economy at King’s College London, gaining first-class honours; and out of university was appointed by Lt Gen Sir Edmund Burton to Chair the UK Information Assurance Advisory Council’s Access Programme, which brings together top British government, academia, and industry leaders around cybersecurity issues pertinent to national security. Between 2016 and 2020, I additionaly sat on IAAC's management committee.

To get in touch, find me on X (Twitter) at @vilkinsons